Skowt simplifies booking management and enquiries for your venue.

An online booking solution should help your business thrive. Your venue needs to be easy for customers to find and book, and easy for you to manage.

What can Skowt do for your venue?

Skowt makes it easy to advertise, find, and book spaces in Wellington. More than a simple booking management system, Skowt links venues directly with clients to make renting a space faster, easier, and more convenient for all. Catering to traditional venues as well as those looking to supplement revenue by renting their underused spaces, Skowt connects businesses with their communities.

Skowt is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of diverse venues. It’s simple to set up and market multiple listings in a centralised system. Clients can search by availability and amenities before sending enquiries, thus saving time for both parties.

A free Skowt listing offers the following features:

  • Personalised calendar: Establish and quickly change your venue’s availability to account for holidays, renovations, or offline bookings.

  • Promotion of amenities: Whether you offer catering, disabled accessibility, or a sunny garden, show off your venue’s best features.

  • Customised booking times: Set your own business hours, require minimum booking periods, or rent by the hour or day.

  • Repeat and recurring rentals: Easily book and manage a fortnightly art class or a three day training workshop in your space.

  • Streamlined communication: Access client information, booking details, and past communication in one location.

Moving booking details and communication into a single online system streamlines venue management and reduces overhead costs. Managers can answer enquiries, confirm bookings, make changes, and build loyal clients with just a few quick clicks. It only takes a few minutes to create your free listing and start advertising your space.

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